Napa  winemaker Samantha Sheehan has harnessed California sunshine to create light, bright, and exhilarating aperitifs.

Mommenpop is an aperitif made in the Napa Valley using fresh, local ingredients.  We buy directly from a handful of farmers who grow thoughtfully and practice organics.  We don’t use any artificial color or flavors.

They are juicy and flavorful and easy to drink on its own over ice, delicious in a spritz, and excellent in cocktails.  For simple comparison, you can use Mommenpop the way you would Lillet, Aperol, or Campari.

All of our flavors are bright and bold.  They range from zesty and refreshing (Ruby Grapefruit), to slightly sweet and warming (Seville Orange), to floral and peppery (Blood Orange).  Our favorite way to drink them is over ice so that the complexity of each flavor really shines.

About Our Winemaker

Samantha Sheehan, founder of POE Wines, works with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier - the trifecta of Champagne grape - across a range of sites in Northern California. The goal of her project is to show the variety of distinctive terroirs available in California, and she only produces single-vineyard wines to showcase the unique areas she works with.